MobileMusicPro.com is a new youtube channel dedicated to providing resources and information for iPad music producers. We believe that mobile music production will one day eclipse laptop music production just as laptop music production eclipsed desktop music production and we are extremely excited to take this journey first hand with you and watch the revolution happen before our very eyes.

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Cubasis 3 Videos

New music production and sound design videos each week focusing on Steinberg's flagship mobile DAW Cubasis 3.


How To's

Tutorials, quick tips and more on how to produce on the iPad covering plugins, choosing sounds and more.


Top App Lists

In our Top List videos we do the research to give you our best picks for things like apps, hardware, and more so you can stay up to date.


Reviews/Let's Plays

Videos reviewing profesional quality apps that can aid in your music production. Everything from EQs to compressors and beyond.



Videos interviewing developers and producers who specifically focus on mobile platforms such as the iPad.


Live Streams

Videos such as Listen To Your Beats where stream songs from the chat audience and Let's Plays where we try out apps for review.

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