Essentials Midi Pack 02 - Drum Patterns

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This free pack was designed to help new producers get started learning drum patterns in popular music genres. This pack comes with 5 different drum patterns in 8 different genres including Classic Hip Hop, BoomBap, Synthwave, LoFi, Pop, Rock, EDM and Trap for a total of 40 MIDI files. These drum patterns were kept simple consisting of mostly only a kick, snare and hats so beginners won't get too overwhelmed.

This pack also comes with the Cubasis 3 project files that these drum patterns were created in so you can easily demo what the patterns sound like and begin using them in your own projects right away.

What's Included

  • 40 Drum Patterns
  • In 8 Genres
  • Bonus: Cubasis 3 Projects



In this video we’ll be explaining a few key concepts to making better drums such as sound selection, bpm and swing.
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In this video we’ll be going through a bunch of popular drum patterns in a wide variety of different genres and explain the main characteristics behind each style.
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In this video we'll be showing you how to program 5 popular drum patterns that every producer should know inside Cubasis 3.
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In this video we show you how to process drums for a trap loop and apply effects to the kick, snare, hats and 808 tracks inside Cubasis 3.
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In this video we’re going to be explaining the mixing technique known as Parallel compression, why it’s important, and how you should use it.
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In this video we’re going to be showing you a technique called soft clipping that can allow your drums to be perceived louder in the mix.
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